Wholesaler of restorable collectible radio and audio to the collector/restorer  internationally since 1980.

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Did your Dad pass on & leave a basement full, garage full, ham shack full or storage locker full of electronics that you need to find a home for?

If you have an estate to settle that contains a quantity of old or vintage electronic items of any kind please contact me.

I'm still buying while the design team is busy at work.

We can come to you.

         Who buys wood radios, table radios, plastic radios, Bakelite radios, metal radios, ham radios, antique radios, vintage radios, old radios, tube radios, transistor radios? I buy, we buy, Buying

         Who buys audio, mono amplifiers, stereo amplifiers, tube amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, preamps, pre-amps, stereos, mono block amplifiers, mono-block amplifiers? I buy, we buy, Buying

         Who buys receivers, stereo receivers, tuners, vintage amplifiers, vintage preamps, vintage receivers, vintage tube amplifiers, antique amplifiers, collectible audio? I buy, we buy, Buying

         Who buys ham receivers, ham transmitters, ham transceivers, military receivers, military transmitters, military transceivers, ham power supplies, ham radio speakers? I buy, we buy, Buying

         Who buys old electronics, vintage electronics, hobby electronics, tubes, vacuum tubes, electron tubes, various electronics, various ham equipment, collectible radios? I buy, we buy, Buying

        Who buys tube testers, a wide variety of electronic items, misc. electronics, miscellaneous electronics, electronic test equipment, various ham radio equipment? I buy, we buy, Buying

         Who buys odd looking televisions, odd looking radios, collectable electronic items? I buy, we buy, Buying















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