SAFETY WARNING: Unless stated otherwise the items sold on this site have not been restored and have only been tested briefly if at all. They are decades old and are sold with the expectation that the purchaser understands they will need some level of repair. For safety reasons, before the purchaser applies power to the device it should be examined by a certified electronics technician. Please click on the safety notice in the footer of this page.

About us

Vintage Electronics Mission - Saving examples of electronic devices of the Glory Days

We thoroughly enjoy finding estates that contain vintage radios, amplifiers or really anything that is vintage and related to electronics. The collectors that had all these interesting items would be delighted to know that their collection went to another collector that will enjoy them for another generation or more. We have saved many a nice vintage item from literally being sent to a landfill, we feel a significant amount of pride realizing that we've been able to save these reminders of days gone by.

A recent example:
One afternoon in February of 2022 John was contacted by a woman that told him she had ordered, for the very next day, a dumpster and a handyman to load it with her late husband's collection of various electronic gadgets. He had been a scientist at a local military research facility for decades and tinkered with a wide variety of electronics at home. This lady knew long before her husband had even gotten sick that she'd be faced with disposing of all that equipment eventually. She had cut one of our newspaper ads (you remember newspapers, don't you?) out and saved it years before. After her husband passed she had been looking for that ad for months, to no avail. She finally found it only the day before the dumpster was due and called John mid-afternoon. He hustled over there and got everything electronic that was usable. The lady was so happy that it was going to someone that would use and appreciate it all. She was also very surprised and happy with the payment she received for what, to her, looked like junk. As I am writing this, in September 2022, 90% of those items have been passed on to Vintage Electronics collector customers to be used and preserved. Still working on the other 10%.

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