SAFETY WARNING: Unless stated otherwise the items sold on this site have not been restored and have only been tested briefly if at all. They are decades old and are sold with the expectation that the purchaser understands they will need some level of repair. For safety reasons, before the purchaser applies power to the device it should be examined by a certified electronics technician. Please click on the safety notice in the footer of this page.

Privacy, Grading & Guarantee


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Please read & understand this before buying. Radios and other items are graded using the following guidelines. Unless specified otherwise, items being offered for sale are in "as-found" condition and will need cleaning and probably, at least contacts cleaned. Each item will be rated for overall appearance. For instance, a radio rated as "Excellent" will be ready for display with cleaning and polishing. A "Very Good" radio will need a good cleaning /polishing & possibly minor touch-up of the wood finish or the painted surfaces. Then there is "Good", "Fair" & "Poor" which is a challenging restoration project or a parts set. If a radio is graded "Very Good" then all visible parts of it (dial, grille cloth, back, etc) are in the same, or better, condition unless noted otherwise & the chassis, as much of it as we can see without disassembly, will have little or no rust & appear to be complete. Any cracks or chips that we see will be noted and photographed if possible. The good points are not exaggerated & the observed faults are plainly stated. We try our best to point out every defect we see that, when buying for our own collection, we would make note of to determine how much the item is worth to us. The higher priced a radio is the more scrutiny it is subjected to. After reading our descriptions you might think we sell nothing but junk because we put the spotlight on what is WRONG with the radio rather than try to make it appear better than it is. There is a reason for that........ If you're going to be surprised when you receive an item from us we want it to be a pleasant surprise.
Click Testimonials to see what some customers have to say about what we sell & the service provided.



 "Working" or "works" in the description means we ran it briefly & got reception of some kind from it. Hum, distortion, etc will be mentioned when noticed. "Working" is meant more to reassure the Collector/Restorer that the set is not going to go up in smoke as soon as it's powered up than to indicate that it's ready to use. On most items you're probably going to have to, at least, clean the controls, probably recap a tube radio & maybe more. Working condition is stated as a separate item in the description & is not related to overall appearance rating.  We just present it as found & describe honestly what we see & hear .



 If you are not satisfied with any item (other than "Exceptions" noted below) you receive just contact us within 5 days & return it, prepaid, in the same condition as received. We'll refund the purchase price, exchange it for another set of equal value or credit the amount towards your next purchase. In the 48 contiguous states we will ship the replacement, or future purchase, by UPS ground service AT our EXPENSE if the weight is about the same as the returned item. S&H charges for shipments outside the 48 states will not be reimbursed.
Exceptions Some items are marked "Not returnable", "As-is", "No guarantee" or "Not guaranteed" they are not returnable.

Please Contact Vintage Electronics via email before returning any item.



 New tubes (other than horizontal amplifier tubes ie: sweep or linear tubes) are guaranteed to meet manufactures specifications for a period of 90 days after ship date unless they are operated outside of manufacturers specifications or broken. "New in original box" tubes are sometimes in pretty shabby boxes (many of these tubes are 50- 90 years old) but we like to keep the tube with the original box when at all possible to show that it is new.
#1 & #1+ Used tubes guaranteed to be as described for 30 days after ship date unless they are operated outside of manufacturers specifications or broken.
#2 & #3 guaranteed 5 days.



Please click Testimonials to see what some customers have to say about what we sell & the service provided.

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